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Downsizing is hard. It is often traumatic. You may be planning to downsize some time in the future or you may be faced with a health event that is making a move more urgent. In any case What You Need to Know to Downsize has key information that will help you get started, find a place for your stuff, and successfully move.

How to Get Started

Starting is the hardest part. When you look at all the rooms and all the furniture and all the pictures and all the memories it is overwhelming. So many rooms that are full of a lifetime of living. The free What You Need to Know to Downsize guide presents four options for getting started. Each is designed to embrace a different need and timeline.

What to Do With All My Stuff?

Did you know that it is getting harder and harder to empty a house? Children today have different tastes than their parents. They don’t want china that is bulky and not dishwasher safe. There is a minimalist trend that is make large furniture drop in value. Many donation centers are refusing more and more items. Did you know that in Minnesota it is illegal for a consignment store to sell a used mattress? Did you know that the law includes the mattress is a sleeper sofa? The What You Need to Know to Downsize contains an up to date listing of over 30 donation resources including a checklist of what they will and will not take.

You Need to Sort Your Stuff

Why sort? You are going to take some furniture with you. Some of your belongings are valuable and can be sold to help fund your transition. Some items can be donated. Some items can be recycled. Yes, you will need to toss some things. Some things you will have to pay to get hauled away. You need to know the disposition of every item in the house. What You Need to Know to Downsize contains a helpful section on sorting. You will learn how to sort including the four sort categories. You will learn how to avoid common mistakes.

Where Can I Sell My Stuff

Knowing where and how to sell is often complicated and can be dangerous. There are so many confusing online options. What can I sell? How much to ask? Who can I trust? “What You Need to Know to Downsize” contains a resource list of shops and specialty dealer that you can contact.

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