“STP was very clear as to what would happen to the items and any recycling fees. Team was very friendly, quick and efficient. They respected my feelings in that it was an emotional experience for me” -Billie Jean
“I choose to work with STP because they seemed organized, professional and could accomplish all our needs. STP was very thorough and careful with our goods and properties.” -Mike 
“STP was prompt, prepared and knowledgeable. Their follow up was timely and professional. Loved the enthusiasm! I was most impressed with the broad services STP offered, I liked that I could consign some items. Very efficient both packers and movers. I enjoyed working with STP!” -Linda
“Everyone was extremely polite, they worked in some not so pleasant moving conditions with the rain and the small openings in my home.” -Liz
“Kind, fast and respectful of my house and my things… Not judgmental of all the stuff that I had accumulated over 30 plus years.” -Joan
“Impossible to rate/rank STP’s services when I was most impressed by every interaction… I could be as involved as I wanted to be, in the room or not. When movers were involved they were very careful, respectful and professional. Not a minute was wasted. Amazing get the job done attitude.” -Janie
“We experienced a family crisis that presented us with a full household and an unbelievable timetable… The team worked on the house so we could concentrate on all the other important items. Maybe the most important thing STP did for us was give us a peace of mind.” -Greg
“It was so helpful to have assistance at so many different levels. The physical help with packing and unpacking, the emotional support and empathy, the practicality in helping make decisions regarding culling possessions. A difficult transition was eased.”                -Carolyn
“The crew was very professional. They were punctual, efficient and did everything so I didn’t have to worry about moving or selling items myself. They were life savers!” -Kathleen
“Thank you so much for getting us started with our problem. That was our biggest hurdle as we didn’t know where to start.” -John
“I could not have done any sorting and/or tossing with out the help. You all went above and beyond to help us with our two packed to the ceiling garages.” -Deb
“This was an overwhelming problem for me on where to start sorting things from my past. The gals that came to help me were knowledgeable, supportive and compassionate. I am so pleased that I made the right decision in hiring Sort Toss Pack. I don’t have to worry about anything, as they take care of everything.” -Judy
“Thanks to you I have a fresh start. For twelve hours of work, they pulled of a miracle. Everyone was so professional and friendly.  You should have named your company Sort Toss Miracle!” -Kate
“The Sort Toss Pack team absolutely met my expectations and more? I can’t wait for them to come back. I especially appreciated that al the unwanted items were removed for me and recycled in ways that benefit everyone.” -Sara
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing such as good job in seeing our big house project through!  The love and care along with sheer determination got things done and made all the difference. Your being there helped him move to a safer living environment. We couldn’t have done this without you!” -Amy
“I was very satisfied with Sort Toss Pack. The workers attitudes; willing, patient and cheerful. All done as though they wanted to help, not as a job they had to get over with. Based on my experience, I will recommend STP to family and friends.”  -Jon
“The crew went out of their was to make space for a last minute addition, a very large leather couch. They were all so friendly and pleasant which made for a smooth moving experience. Thank you!” -Sharron