Sort Toss Pack offers professional pod loading and unloading assistance to ensure a safe and secure fit. By expertly filling the container, space will be optimized and the contents less likely to shift during transport. STP provides padded blanket rentals so belongings are as protected as possible.

The Benefits of Using a Pod Container for Your Next Move

From delivery to pickup, your Pod company will do all of the driving.
  • Leave the stress and liabilities to the experts.
You decide how fast you move.
  • Storage from short to long term. You decide your pace.
Safer than using a moving truck or trailer.
  • Ground level loading and unloading. No fuss with ramps and lifts.
Secure, weatherproof storage.
  • Keep your valuable items safe from theft and weather damage.
Any size for any need.
  • Choose the container size that fits your needs.
Need to store your vehicle? No problem!
  • Need motorcycle, boat, or auto storage? Pods can help with that, too!


For customers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area; Stuff It Now will meet all of your Pod storage needs.

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