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Why STP?


In 2011, after a dozen years in real estate, I was looking for a way to better serve my clients.  I wanted to create a simple, stream lined process of downsizing and relocating.  Seeing my senior home sellers struggle with an over abundance of personal property, I also wanted an outlet for helping them liquidate their unwanted items.  Thus, in 2011 I launched Sort Toss Pack and Odds & Ends Again resale store.

With these 2 businesses I had the foundation to build a comprehensive package of services.  Sort Toss Pack offers decluttering, pre-packing, sorting and moving assistance.  All Sort Toss Pack team members are trained to gently, patiently and compassionately work along side the senior to encourage decisions to ‘edit’ their belongings.  The team members are also trained to identify items of value to help make the careful decisions to sell, donate, pack or dispose.  This process brings much needed confidence to the sellers as they begin to embrace the upcoming move.

The sorting and packing are often done in tandem so there is no need to handle things multiple times.  Once a closet, cupboard, or dresser is cleaned out, there is a clear picture of what is going to the new home.  To enhance the entire transition, the seller has an incentive to ‘let go’ of extras as they will reap the benefits of consigning at Odds & Ends Again.

In 2013, I added OEA Realty to complete the circle of services.  As the broker, I can customize and bundle services to better fit the client’s needs.  In addition, 25% of our business involves the complete clean out of estates where the owner has passed.

Having the resources and capabilities to deliver a smooth move is a gift that matches my desire to bring value added services in a truly unique real estate model.


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