12 Organization Tips for a De-Cluttered Home

No job is too big or too small! The Sort Toss Pack team will provide direction to eliminate excess and clutter, while helping to maximize your space to the utmost potential. Focusing on simplifying and categorizing, we coach clients to reach an improved level of organization.

Use these crafty organization tips to keep your home free of clutter!

Creatively Use Tissue Boxes to Keep the Tears at Bay
  • Store used grocery bags in a used tissue box for easy re-use and de-clutter.
Clothing by Occasion
  • Group the clothes in your closet by occasion. No more digging through all of your clothing to find that one dress shirt.
Seasonal Shoe Boxes
  • Keep old shoe boxes and label them by season. Easily store and swap shoe sets as the seasons change.
Toy Boxes? How About a Toy Dresser?
  • Used dressers may be a lot easier, as well as cheaper, to come by than a toy chest. Use the separate drawers to teach your child categorization and organization skills early!
Keep the Clutter at Bay with a Donate Bin
  • Keep an old cardboard box or plastic bin in your closet or laundry room to easily donate the clothing you no longer wear.
Colorful Ribbons to Keep Sheets Together
  • Tie colorful ribbons around sheet sets to keep them from straying! Waste time matching pillow cases and sheets no longer.
Re-Purpose Old Shoe Boxes as Drawer Dividers
  • Stick your old shoe boxes in a drawer to easily compartmentalize your storage.
Keep Old Product Manuals in a 3-Ring Binder
  • Organize old product manuals by keeping them all together in a 3-ring binder.
Repurpose an Old Wooden Ladder
  • Use an old wooden ladder as a decorative piece to store magazines, towels, or even clothes!
Wine rack? How about a news rack?
  • Use an old wine rack to keep the most recent issues of your favorite magazine or newspaper handy. Simply roll them up, and store them for later!
Are You Planning on Re-Painting? Ensure Your Furniture matches with this simple trick!
  • Keep the colored paint chips in your wallet to easily match the colors of new furniture to your room!
Save More Than Pills in a Travel Pill Box
  • Keep your small valuables like earrings and rings safe in an extra travel pill box.

Are you struggling to keep organized? Do you have too much clutter? Call Sort Toss Pack today for a free assessment!

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