As a licensed and insured mover, Sort Toss Pack provides assurance in carefully transporting all possessions. Our team arranges and assembles furniture to guarantee a perfect start in a new home. Equipped with a fleet of vehicles, we can handle all size, in-state moves.

Essentials of Moving

Keep an Overnight Bag
  • Keeping an overnight bag with your essentials will allow you to rest before unpacking everything. After a long day of moving furniture, the rest will be much needed.
Pack Your Essentials in a Clear Bin
  • Keep the items you use most often in a clear bin, and keep it in plain sight. This will save you from digging through all of your boxes to find that one item you need.
Include Room and Contents on Labels
  • Label all of your boxes as thoroughly as possible. This will decrease confusion when unpacking, and ensure you only move boxes once.
Pre-Clean Your Bathroom and Kitchen
  • Kitchens and bathrooms are a lot easier to clean when they’re empty. Take advantage of your new space to do some preemptive cleaning!
Use Saran Wrap to Secure Jewelry and Tangleables
  • Keep your necklaces and cords nice and tidy by saran wrapping them to a board or jewelry display.
Use Sandwich Baggies for Small Components, Screws, Etc.
  • Small screws and components can be terribly easy to lose. Put them in a marked sandwich bag for easy retrieval when you need them!
Photograph Cords and Electronics to Ensure Proper Setup
  • Taking a picture of your electronics setup can make your job a lot easier when it comes time to put them back together. Don’t have a camera? Colored tape will work just as well.
Pay Your Helpful Relatives with Items Marked for Sell or Donate
  • Do you have relatives and friends helping you? Kill two birds with one stone by paying them with items you have designated to be donated.
Number Boxes by Room
  • Numbering your boxes by room can help you to make sure that you don’t lose any boxes in the move.
Hire Movers for Valuables and Heavy Items
  • The value of a professional moving company cannot be understated when it comes to moving heavy pieces of furniture, or expensive pieces like a piano. Consider Sort Toss Pack for your furniture moving needs.
Take Photos of Your Cleaned Out Home if You’re Renting
  • Many landlords will charge extra for any holes, dings, or other markings in the house. Protect yourself by taking pictures before you move in, and after you move out. You don’t need to be paying for the holes in the wall that the last tenant made.
Defrost Your Fridge a Day Before Moving
  • Home appliances can easily be forgotten during the move process. Don’t forget to defrost your fridge and wipe out any moisture before the movers get there.


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