What services does STP offer?

Sort Toss Pack prides itself on being an “a la carte” company, where our clients pick and choose the services that best fit their needs. To ensure we can provide comprehensive assistance, we offer a variety of services to consider. Our services page details all the ways Sort Toss Pack can help!

How does the process begin?

We start each project with a free, no obligation assessment and create a plan of action from there.

What geographic areas do you serve?

STP serves the general Twin Cities Metropolitan area.

How do you charge?

After an initial in-home consultation, we provide you with a complete estimate and project timeline.

What items do you sell at your consignment shop?

We sell high-quality home décor and furnishings. Please visit our store’s website, Odds and Ends Again website LINK, to view our typical inventory.

What happens to the items you can’t sell?

Select items may interest bulk buyers, such as tools, books, jewelry, etc. If it cannot be re-sold, we will deliver the items to the charity of your choice! Items that are unable to be donated will be properly disposed or recycled.

Are there any items you don’t handle?

Some items may carry an extra fee, such as large appliances. We have the right to refuse handling hazardous waste; STP will pack it up for you and provide the proper disposal information.

Do you handle “hoarder” houses?

Yes. STP handles jobs of all sizes.

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