Helpful Downsizing Tips

STP works with you to sort through and determine which items to let go. We take care of transporting your unwanted items to suitable outlets, giving them a new home. Additionally, Sort Toss Pack offers help with space planning and layouts, as well as pre-staging advice.


Start a List of ‘Must Keep’ Items
  • Organization is key to a smooth transition while downsizing. Start with your must have items. What is it that you absolutely can’t do without? It helps to revisit this list and remove items as you can.
Start Thinning Out Your Collection Early
  • Many of the overwhelming feelings that arise from moving and downsizing come from taking on too much at once. Start thinning out your collection as early as possible for a stress free move.
Use Your Current Rooms to Compare Dimensions of Future Rooms
  • Are you having trouble determining what you can and can’t keep? Compare the dimensions of your new rooms to the ones you’re currently living in. This will give you an idea of what you’ve got to work with.
Trash as Little as Possible
  • We live in a throw away society. As tempting as it can be to throw away an excess of items, try finding new homes instead. You’ll feel much better, and the environment will benefit as a result of your actions.
Keep, Sell, Toss, or Donate
  • Clear out four spaces, and label them Keep, Sell, Toss, or Donate. This can be different spots on your floor, or even different rooms designated to sorting. This will help you to group items by action needed, and sort through it all effectively.
Get an Objective Opinion
  • Emotional attachment can make it quite difficult to determine what to keep, and what to get rid of. Try bringing in an outside opinion to help you see clearly. Do you really need that broken down rocking chair? Chances are, you can do without it. Having an outside voice will help to ease your anxiety and move through the process as easily as possible.
Plan Ahead with Floor Plans and Dimensions
  • Are you still unsure about what will fit? Take out your tape measure, and create a floor plan of your new space to be certain! Remove the guesswork and the stress by working like the pros.
Label and Color Code Your Boxes
  • Choose a color or label for each room, and label boxes accordingly. This will enable you to put the items near where they belong right away, reducing the amount of times you will have to lift and move heavy objects.

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