For estate liquidations, we completely empty out a home by relocating all contents to a variety of outlets. High quality items are sold to make you money back. The charity of your choice is utilized for any donations, and we can properly dispose of any trash and recyclables.

Is it worth it to de-clutter? It’s so much work…

At Sort Toss Pack, we understand the massive undertaking that cleaning out can be. While cleaning out can seem like a daunting job, the benefits are undeniable. Here are some of the benefits of cleaning out and de-cluttering your living space.

Save time
  • With a clean and de-cluttered house, you’ll spend much less time searching for lost items. Commonly used items are kept in plain sight, and moving around is easy in wide open spaces.
Clear your mind
  • Clear house, clear mind. Clutter of your physical surroundings can clutter your mind as well as your life.
Ease stress
  • Messy spaces can produce a lot more stress than just the stress of missing things. Let’s try an experiment… Let one room go wild, while keeping another pristine. Which room do you prefer to be in?
Improve self image
  • A home embodies a person’s psychological mindset. Do you suffer from a poor self image? It is likely that some of it is stemming from a messy house.
Boost creativity
  • Are you tired of looking at the same old items day in and day out? Try removing key items from the room before replacing them. With a natural tendency to fill empty spaces, you may just find yourself getting more creative than you knew you could be. “Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.” -Dee Hock


The benefits of having a clean and organized house are easy to recognize, but sometimes the job is just too big for one person to handle. No one is immune to the feeling of helplessness that arises from a mess that has gone on too long. Why not call Sort Toss Pack for a free assessment today?

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