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March 22, 2017

Packing & Unpacking


Tips for Packing and Unpacking

Whether you need a complete pack, or just some extra help in the challenging areas, our packers can efficiently and skillfully get you ready for your move! If necessary, we can provide all required packing materials to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.


Get Help
  • Packing can be a stressful endeavor. With so much to worry about from packing to moving and unpacking; it helps to have a hand. Call in the relatives, and contact Sort Toss Pack for all the assistance you need.
Don’t Procrastinate
  • Waiting to tackle the essentials can turn a small problem into a massive undertaking. Tackle things one at a time, and without hesitation. Slow and steady not only wins the race, but saves you from stress.
Use the Right Materials
  • Materials are very important for a smooth pack. Gather all of your materials before you start, and you’ll save yourself multiple trips once the packing gets started. You’ll need boxes (either cardboard, or reusable), packing blankets, packing paper, and tape. Keep all of your materials in the same spot to keep from losing them.
Labels, Labels, Labels!
  • Labels are a must have for a smooth move! Label each of your boxes for each room for ease and simplicity.
Clean as You Go
  • Packing up your items is a great time to start cleaning. While searching for your items to pack, you are looking with great scrutiny. Put this scrutiny to good use while tackling the messes left behind!
Move it Once
  • You have enough items to move without moving things twice. Make sure to label your items by room, and place the boxes in the room they belong right away. This will save time, and your back!



Clean Before You Start
  • The landlord or previous tenant should have cleaned when they left, but it’s always a good idea to give things another wipe down with a warm soapy towel.
One Room at a Time
  • A great way to become confused and overwhelmed is to try and tackle everything at once. Instead, focus on unpacking one room at a time, and do it to completion before moving to the next.
Empty EVERY Box
  • There is nothing more annoying during a move than losing your precious belongings. In effort to avoid this, ensure that you unpack every box entirely. This will avoid future trips rummaging through boxes looking for your essentials.
Organize as You Go
  • Organization can be another overwhelming part of the journey. As with other parts of the move, one small bit at a time is the way to go. Organize the box you have open as you unpack, and re-organize as you find new items to be put away. You’ll be done before you know it!
Leave Entertainment Items for Last
  • This can be very hard to do. After the long and stressful process of packing and moving all of your items, it is likely that the only thing on your mind is relaxation. It is very important to save your entertainment items for last, or you may just not finish!


Packing and unpacking your items can be a daunting task in the beginning! Enlist all the help you can, focus on organization, and take it one small step at a time. Sort Toss Pack will be here for you every step of the way. Call today for a free assessment!

March 22, 2017



Helpful Downsizing Tips

STP works with you to sort through and determine which items to let go. We take care of transporting your unwanted items to suitable outlets, giving them a new home. Additionally, Sort Toss Pack offers help with space planning and layouts, as well as pre-staging advice.


Start a List of ‘Must Keep’ Items
  • Organization is key to a smooth transition while downsizing. Start with your must have items. What is it that you absolutely can’t do without? It helps to revisit this list and remove items as you can.
Start Thinning Out Your Collection Early
  • Many of the overwhelming feelings that arise from moving and downsizing come from taking on too much at once. Start thinning out your collection as early as possible for a stress free move.
Use Your Current Rooms to Compare Dimensions of Future Rooms
  • Are you having trouble determining what you can and can’t keep? Compare the dimensions of your new rooms to the ones you’re currently living in. This will give you an idea of what you’ve got to work with.
Trash as Little as Possible
  • We live in a throw away society. As tempting as it can be to throw away an excess of items, try finding new homes instead. You’ll feel much better, and the environment will benefit as a result of your actions.
Keep, Sell, Toss, or Donate
  • Clear out four spaces, and label them Keep, Sell, Toss, or Donate. This can be different spots on your floor, or even different rooms designated to sorting. This will help you to group items by action needed, and sort through it all effectively.
Get an Objective Opinion
  • Emotional attachment can make it quite difficult to determine what to keep, and what to get rid of. Try bringing in an outside opinion to help you see clearly. Do you really need that broken down rocking chair? Chances are, you can do without it. Having an outside voice will help to ease your anxiety and move through the process as easily as possible.
Plan Ahead with Floor Plans and Dimensions
  • Are you still unsure about what will fit? Take out your tape measure, and create a floor plan of your new space to be certain! Remove the guesswork and the stress by working like the pros.
Label and Color Code Your Boxes
  • Choose a color or label for each room, and label boxes accordingly. This will enable you to put the items near where they belong right away, reducing the amount of times you will have to lift and move heavy objects.

For moving advice and a free assessment, call Sort Toss Pack today!

March 22, 2017

Clean Out


For estate liquidations, we completely empty out a home by relocating all contents to a variety of outlets. High quality items are sold to make you money back. The charity of your choice is utilized for any donations, and we can properly dispose of any trash and recyclables.

Is it worth it to de-clutter? It’s so much work…

At Sort Toss Pack, we understand the massive undertaking that cleaning out can be. While cleaning out can seem like a daunting job, the benefits are undeniable. Here are some of the benefits of cleaning out and de-cluttering your living space.

Save time
  • With a clean and de-cluttered house, you’ll spend much less time searching for lost items. Commonly used items are kept in plain sight, and moving around is easy in wide open spaces.
Clear your mind
  • Clear house, clear mind. Clutter of your physical surroundings can clutter your mind as well as your life.
Ease stress
  • Messy spaces can produce a lot more stress than just the stress of missing things. Let’s try an experiment… Let one room go wild, while keeping another pristine. Which room do you prefer to be in?
Improve self image
  • A home embodies a person’s psychological mindset. Do you suffer from a poor self image? It is likely that some of it is stemming from a messy house.
Boost creativity
  • Are you tired of looking at the same old items day in and day out? Try removing key items from the room before replacing them. With a natural tendency to fill empty spaces, you may just find yourself getting more creative than you knew you could be. “Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.” -Dee Hock


The benefits of having a clean and organized house are easy to recognize, but sometimes the job is just too big for one person to handle. No one is immune to the feeling of helplessness that arises from a mess that has gone on too long. Why not call Sort Toss Pack for a free assessment today?

March 22, 2017

Pod Load & Unload


Sort Toss Pack offers professional pod loading and unloading assistance to ensure a safe and secure fit. By expertly filling the container, space will be optimized and the contents less likely to shift during transport. STP provides padded blanket rentals so belongings are as protected as possible.

The Benefits of Using a Pod Container for Your Next Move

From delivery to pickup, your Pod company will do all of the driving.
  • Leave the stress and liabilities to the experts.
You decide how fast you move.
  • Storage from short to long term. You decide your pace.
Safer than using a moving truck or trailer.
  • Ground level loading and unloading. No fuss with ramps and lifts.
Secure, weatherproof storage.
  • Keep your valuable items safe from theft and weather damage.
Any size for any need.
  • Choose the container size that fits your needs.
Need to store your vehicle? No problem!
  • Need motorcycle, boat, or auto storage? Pods can help with that, too!


For customers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area; Stuff It Now will meet all of your Pod storage needs.

March 22, 2017



12 Organization Tips for a De-Cluttered Home

No job is too big or too small! The Sort Toss Pack team will provide direction to eliminate excess and clutter, while helping to maximize your space to the utmost potential. Focusing on simplifying and categorizing, we coach clients to reach an improved level of organization.

Use these crafty organization tips to keep your home free of clutter!

Creatively Use Tissue Boxes to Keep the Tears at Bay
  • Store used grocery bags in a used tissue box for easy re-use and de-clutter.
Clothing by Occasion
  • Group the clothes in your closet by occasion. No more digging through all of your clothing to find that one dress shirt.
Seasonal Shoe Boxes
  • Keep old shoe boxes and label them by season. Easily store and swap shoe sets as the seasons change.
Toy Boxes? How About a Toy Dresser?
  • Used dressers may be a lot easier, as well as cheaper, to come by than a toy chest. Use the separate drawers to teach your child categorization and organization skills early!
Keep the Clutter at Bay with a Donate Bin
  • Keep an old cardboard box or plastic bin in your closet or laundry room to easily donate the clothing you no longer wear.
Colorful Ribbons to Keep Sheets Together
  • Tie colorful ribbons around sheet sets to keep them from straying! Waste time matching pillow cases and sheets no longer.
Re-Purpose Old Shoe Boxes as Drawer Dividers
  • Stick your old shoe boxes in a drawer to easily compartmentalize your storage.
Keep Old Product Manuals in a 3-Ring Binder
  • Organize old product manuals by keeping them all together in a 3-ring binder.
Repurpose an Old Wooden Ladder
  • Use an old wooden ladder as a decorative piece to store magazines, towels, or even clothes!
Wine rack? How about a news rack?
  • Use an old wine rack to keep the most recent issues of your favorite magazine or newspaper handy. Simply roll them up, and store them for later!
Are You Planning on Re-Painting? Ensure Your Furniture matches with this simple trick!
  • Keep the colored paint chips in your wallet to easily match the colors of new furniture to your room!
Save More Than Pills in a Travel Pill Box
  • Keep your small valuables like earrings and rings safe in an extra travel pill box.

Are you struggling to keep organized? Do you have too much clutter? Call Sort Toss Pack today for a free assessment!

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