1. Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

Sort Toss Pack is a licensed mover equipped with a wide variety of fleet vehicles. We are also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

2. Flexible Services

With our full spectrum of “a la carte” services, STP works to accommodate client’s specific needs. STP will offer an assortment of options, including consignment and buyouts.

3. Consignment

STP works in partnership with Odds and Ends Again consignment shop. Clients can sell home decor and furnishings to receive money back. Each item is individually researched and priced and a weekly newsletter is sent out showcasing inventory, useful tips, and upcoming events.

4. Resources

Additionally, STP has accumulated various resources for our clients to utilize. We offer contacts that handle specialty items, such as tools, jewelry, books, and more! Our resources include outlets for recycling and disposal.

5. Support

Every staff member works to go above and beyond in effort to meet each client’s needs. It is our priority to make this transition as comfortable and efficient as possible.

6. Realty

If a client needs to sell their home, OEA Realty is available with realtors that offer complementary staging.

7. Staff

Each member of our staff is trained and background checked. STP also provides employees who specialize in organization and design.

8. Space Planning

STP is available to assist clients with new home floor plans. Our staff measures furniture to ensure it fits perfectly and helps create a comfortable new home feel.

9. Downsize

STP is more that just a mover – we work with clients to ensure the downsizing process occurs smoothly. Sorting through and making decisions during the pack guarantees that the essential and sentimental items are kept and the excessive items are rehomed.

10. Member of NASMM

As a member of National Association of Senior Move Managers, Sort Toss Pack follows the NASMM Professional Code of Ethics. With this collection of professionals, we have a collaborative network that provides continuous solutions and growth.